YES! Most Cytotec horrors could have been averted with closer monitoring!

    We have probably handled more Cytotec inquiries and Cytotec cases than any other law firm in the country. Our experience has proved that most Cytotec disasters could have been averted, with proper patient selection, avoiding unnecessary inductions or haste in accelerating deliveries, careful monitoring (especially electronic fetal monitoring), and heeding the mother's complaints about unusual pulling, tearing, and other pains.

     In other pages on this website, we discuss proper patient selection, close monitoring, and other means to avoid uterine ruptures and stressed/distressed newborns. Cytotec disasters don't "just happen." Overwhelmingly, there are warning signs and symptoms, that simply are disregarded or not taken seriously.

    While Cytotec's action cannot be reversed once it has begun, that doesn't mean caregivers can simply walk away, cross their fingers, and hope for the best. The usual methods to address fetal stress/distress (administering oxygen, turning the mother to her side, discontinuing Pitocin or other additive drugs, calm reassurance) all still apply. An urgent or emergent cesarean delivery is always an option, unless it becomes a life-saving necessity because of a uterine rupture, etc.

    However, as always, prevention is always preferable to rescue.